Networks lead to work

8/10 jobs are given to contacts, so building a professional network is very important when looking for a job. Yrkesdörren matches you with a swede in your industry for a meeting where you can get feedback on your CV, learn about social codes and get valuable advice on how best to get a job in your sector.

Yrkesdörren is a non-profit organisation and the service is free.

Hear Arwind tell us about his journey.

How does it work?


Register and get a meeting

After registration we will try and match you with a swedish person who has the same kind of working experience as yourself.


Meet for an hour

You decide together where and when to meet.


Get 2 contacts

After the meeting you will get two additional contacts from your match. This will hopefully open up new possibilities to enter the job market.

Why does Yrkesdörren exist?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 job positions are filled via contacts?

For those who are new in Sweden a professional network can be crucial to be able to receive a job and enter the labor market. Yrkesdörren creates meetings between etsablished swedes, who wants to broaden and share their network, with people who are new in Sweden and wants to build their own professional network.


of people who were born outside of Sweden has a job below their experience level.

Source: SCB 2015

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people have met through Yrkesdörren.


different nationalities have shared their experiences and network through Yrkesdörren.