Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yrkesdörren work?

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Yrkesdörren matches established (Door Openers) and foreign-born (Participants) Swedes with each other for a meeting about their common industry. These meetings contribute to a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience that broadens networks. For you as a Participant, a meeting also means an opportunity to learn more about social codes, to explore your opportunities and to increase your self-confidence within the labour market. And for you as a Door Opener, you will receive a chance to get an insight into how your industry works in another country and you will get to know a potential future colleague. Our vision is a labour market where people with different backgrounds and experiences find their rightful place.

By registering at Yrkesdörren, you will be matched with a Door Opener/Participant in the same industry as you. You will then in an individual, digital or physical meeting, for an hour talk about your common industry experiences as well as challenges and opportunities. During the meeting you can get help from Yrkesdörren’s conversation guide (Swedish version) for support and inspiration.

As a Door Opener you will meet someone from the same industry, but where the experience often is from a country other than Sweden. It is a concrete way of contributing to an increased integration and a more inclusive labour market. Many Door Openers experience that they have gained relevant knowledge, a broadened perspective, new contacts while contributing to a more inclusive society. This has also been confirmed in those cases where the Door Opener has been hesitant about whether he/she really has anything of value to offer the Participant. Our experience is that the meetings often become more rewarding than expected.

As a foreign-born, it is hard to navigate and enter the Swedish labour market. Through Yrkesdörren, you get the opportunity to meet someone in the same industry as you. The purpose of the meeting is to exchange knowledge get tips, advice and a network that can help you get a foothold into the labour market.

No, Yrkesdörren does not mediate jobs. If you are foreign-born and not established in the labour market, then Yrkesdörren is a perfect complement to your job search. Through the meeting you will receive tips, advice, knowledge and a professional network that can strengthen your position in the labour market.

Currently, our matches are based on the city you live in, but in the near future we will be able to offer distance matches for all of our users.

Our goal is to create as many meetings as possible. We are happy to offer you more meetings if you want. The possibility of meetings depends on the amount of active users we have in our system that matches your profile. As a Participant, we will prioritize you who have not had any meetings. This is because we have many Participants registered in the system and because we want to give everybody the opportunity to meet a Door Opener.


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You do not need any specific prior knowledge to join Yrkesdörren. To join as a Door Opener at Yrkesdörren, the following points are applied:
• Du har erfarenhet inom en bransch
• You are established in the Swedish labour market

• Be able to give an hour of your time for an open-hearted conversation

To join as a Participant at Yrkesdörren, the following points are applied:
• You are foreign-born and live in Sweden

• You have completed studies and/or work experience within an industry

• You are not established in the Swedish labour market
• You should be able to conduct the meeting in Swedish or English

Unfortunately, Yrkesdörren’s service is only for people living in Sweden. If you are considering moving to Sweden, we can recommend:

Swedish Migration Agency


Unfortunately not. To join Yrkesdörren, you must have previous industry experience or at least completed studies within the field. Here are some tips on other organisations that also accept foreign-born students who want to meet an established Swede for guidance or to socialize and practice speaking Swedish:

Nya Kompisbyrån

Profile information/my profile

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Have you moved, changed industry, profession or chosen the wrong option when registering? Let us know by filling in this form and we'll update your profile to make sure it's correct. With the correct information on your profile, we can offer you a more relevant match and meeting.

If you need to update your industry experience, you can check our industry list here to see which industry is closest to your experience.

If you no longer want to be a part of Yrkesdörren you can choose to either pause your commitment or leave Yrkesdörren. Please feel free to tell us why you want to pause or leave - your feedback is important for us to be able to improve our services and operations. Click here to go to the form.

That is great - congratulations! Even if you recently got a job, it's possible that you still feel the need to meet someone more established through Yrkesdörren - and you are of course allowed to do that. When you are new to the labour market, many questions can arise about how the industry works, about social codes at the workplace etc. A meeting through Yrkesdörren can help you get answers to some of your questions while you continue to build you professional network

If you have already been matched, we encourage you to carry out your meeting.

Of course! If you have been registered at Yrkesdörren before you can reactivate your profile by filling in your email address here.

Before and during your meeting

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The goal is to match you with someone who speaks the same language, lives or works in the same city and has the same industry or educational experience as you.

Sometimes you can meet someone with a different or a similar profile. You have been matched because we believe that your meeting can be fruitful even though you don’t share the same industry. If you feel that the match wasn't successful after the meeting, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to find you a new match.

Once we've found a match, we'll send you both an email to connect you. We'll also suggest a date when the meeting can take place, but it's entirely up to you when, where and how you meet. You can meet either physically or digitally. At physical meetings, we recommend that you meet at the Door Opener’s workplace or in a public place, such as a café.

During the meeting, you will talk about topics related to your common industry and the labour market in general. The meeting can, for example, be about suggestions for competence development, tips on how to structure a CV or cover letter and social codes that can be good to know. You are welcome to take help from our conversation guide (Swedish version)

Before the meeting, we recommend that you email each and briefly introduce yourself and describe why you have joined Yrkesdörren. Feel free to send a link to your LinkedIn profile so that you can get to know each other a little better.

Our matches are mainly based on shared industry experience. We always try to make matches as specific as possible. Depending on your work experience, some matches may be a little broader.

In those cases where the match is a bit broader, the conversation usually focuses on more general features of work and the labour market, which can often be very rewarding for those who are new to the Swedish labour market.

If it has only been a couple of days, we recommend you to take the initial contact by emailing him/her. Then you can send a text message to remind the person and refer to the email. If you still haven’t received an answer, you can either cancel the meeting through the link in the follow-up email, which you will receive a few weeks after the match has been made, or you can email our user support What we usually do is to contact and remind the other party about the match and the meeting. Sometimes it turns out that the email has ended up in the person’s spam folder, and sometimes the person’s situation has changed and he/she is no longer looking to meet someone through Yrkesdörren.

There are different reasons why you are not able to carry out your meeting. We recommend that you try to reschedule your appointment as far as possible, as it may be difficult to offer new matches.

But if you can’t or don’t want to carry out your meeting, you can cancel it through the link that you receive in the follow-up email. If you have not received the follow-up email, you can email our user support (

It is up to you and the person you have been matched with to choose where you want to have the meeting. You can meet both physically and digitally. At a physical meeting it is important to choose a place that feels comfortable for both of you, for example at the Door Opener’s workplace or a public place such as a café.

As a Door Opener, you are expected to be able to give an hour of your time for an open-hearted conversation about your common industry. The main purpose of Yrkesdörren is to broaden the professional networks for foreign-born people in order to accelerate their establishment in the labour market. You can contribute to this by sharing your personal knowledge and experience. It can, for example, be about describing your path into the industry, share tips on relevant further education or take a look at the Participant's CV and cover letter. You are not expected to be able to offer a job or take more meetings with the Participant if you do not wish to or are not able to.

After your meeting

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As the Door opener, you can:
• share tips and/or two contacts with your Participant,
• continue to meet your Participant,
• take a new meeting with a new person,
• encourage friends and colleagues to join Yrkesdörren, or
• postpone your engagement until the future.

We often have Participants waiting to meet with a Door Opener, so you are more than welcome to sign up for another meeting if you feel like it!

As the Participant,we encourage you to work further with the tips and knowledge that you have received through your meeting. You can then choose if you want to:
• continue to meet your Door Opener,
• take a new meeting with a new person,
• postpone your engagement until the future.

If you want to be matched with a new person, it may take a while because we prioritize the first meeting since there are many Participants waiting their turn to meet a Door Opener.

Thank you for your dedication! You are welcome to take more meetings through Yrkesdörren and spread the word to your friends and colleagues. In this way, Yrkesdörren can grow and create more meetings that make a difference! If you want to get involved in another way, you are welcome to contact us ( and tell us how you would like to contribute.