Networkmeeting with Martin & Servera

Grosshandlarvägen 7, 120 44 Årsta, Sverige

Yrkesdörrens networking event with Martin and Servera.

During the event between 13.45-15.00 we will match Martin and Serveras customers with a person who is new in Sweden for a one hour individual meeting. During the meeting you can discuss topics such as your industry in Sweden and advice on how to best enter the labour market.

After your meeting the established swede will share 2 contacts from their network so their match can learn more about their industry while building their network.

About Yrkesdörren

Did you know that 7 out of 10 job positions are filled via contacts? For those who are new in Sweden a professional network can be crucial to be able to receive a job and enter the labour market. Yrkesdörren creates meetings between established swedes, who wants to broaden and share their network, with people who are new in Sweden and wants to build their own professional network