Network kunch with Integrationsforum

Torsgatan 21, 113 21 Stockholm, Sverige

Welcome to Yrkesdörrens network lunch together with Integrationsforum.

The purpose of the lunch is to broaden both parties' networks by talking about how a common industry works in Sweden for one hour and tips on how to best enter the labor market. After the lunch, you who are an established Swed will share 1-2 contacts from your network that your match can meet to learn more about the industry and at the same time build their own network.

About Yrkesdörren

Did you know that 7 out of 10 job positions are filled via contacts? For those who are new in Sweden a professional network can be crucial to be able to receive a job and enter the labour market. Yrkesdörren is a part of Axfoundation and creates meetings between established swedes, who wants to broaden and share their network, with people who are new in Sweden and wants to build their own professional network