Digital Network meeting with Hoist Finance

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Welcome to Yrkesdörrens Digital networking event with Hoist Finance

Welcome to submit your interest in participating at our digital Networking event with Hoist Finance. Hoist Finance is an international company within financial services that helps individuals keep their financial commitments. Hoist Finance is today established on 11 European markets. Before the event we will match you with a person who works at Hoist Finance within the same industry as you.

During a one hour long digital meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss topics such as your common industry in Sweden and advice on how to best enter the labour market. Why not seizing the oportunity to discuss together what kind of challenges and possibilities uprises within your common industry due to Covid-19? Be creative in topics to discuss, gain new knowledge at the same time as you broaden your network!

About Yrkesdörren

Did you know that 8 out of 10 job positions are mediated via contacts? For those who are new in Sweden a professional network can be crucial to enter the labour market. Yrkesdörren creates meetings between established Swedes, who want to broaden and share their network, with people who are new in Sweden and want to build their own professional network.

Last date to register: Friday May 22th, 2020

Welcome to register!